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Planning &
By combining our CAD (Computer Aided Design) capabilities with our knowledge
and experience of the office furniture and interiors sector we are able to offer
independent and impartial help with the design and planning of your office space
One-to-One Consultations
First we will undertake to provide a 2 dimensional floor-plan based on the initial
information taken, then selecting product blocks from our extensive library we will
provide layouts showing the position of various furniture items, this will give you
your first view of your new office space
2D & 3D Layouts
Following any amendments that may be required, we can then undertake to
produce 3D view showing a number of different prospective, this allows you to
visualise your office from any angle and helps to overcome many of the objections
that can occur when planning a major or relocation.
Fully Rendered Visuals
Subject to approval of the previous stages, we can then assist with your planning
further by producing fully rendered 3D views of your workspace. Now we can start
adding colours to the office furniture products as well wall and flooring finishes to
allow you to view your finished office, this process allows you to make changes at
the planning stage prior to the start of a project and has proved beneficial to many