4.2 POD Lite 3000 Square Meeting POD
4.2 POD Lite 3000 Round Meeting
4.2 POD Lite 3000 Group
4.2 POD Lite 3000 D-End Meeting
4.2 Acoustic
POD Lite 3000
A range of modular light weight high performance Acoustic screens
that can create, within the office, effective acoustic environments for
a multitude of uses with a diameter of 3000mm – PODs, meeting
rooms, breakout areas and many others.
The design of the walls and the optional patented roof system is such
that sound reduction and sound absorption is optimised whilst still
allowing the free flow of existing air conditioning system.
To request your survey or to talk directly with one of our acoustic
consultants call us on
0800 612 4174
, we are able to complete
surveys throughout London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and
4.2 POD Lite 3000 Utility POD
4.2 Acoustic POD
Lite 3000
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